Five Important Design Tips for Creating Mobile Apps

by Paul Joseph August 12, 2015 Featured

Native app UI design does not allow designers enough room to play around. Designing for smaller screens is a tough ask since the users have short attention spans. The UI design needs to be worked around in an interface that’s easy enough for the newbies but should not put off the experienced users too. #1.

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Cleanmaster Application – Indirect Contributor of Smartphone Improved Performance & Security

by Paul Joseph May 24, 2015 Featured

In a era of Mobile centric application revolution, the investment dynamics moved from voice feature centric mobility devices to converged feature supporting increasing data usages by end user. In context of India where more than 300 Mn plus internet user’s attracted major investment in more or less all segments under the NCPR categorization. In lieu

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Top 5 Puzzles Games For Your Android Phone

by Paul Joseph May 5, 2015 Featured

Search for a puzzle game at the Google Play Store and you will be left with a 1000 options to choose from. And guess what? They all seem to be quite interesting. So, how do you know which ones to choose? To make things easier, we have shortlisted 5 cool puzzles games for Android that

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Steal away laptops at awesome prices

by Paul Joseph March 30, 2015 Featured

No wonder laptops have become an indispensable part of our lives. Long gone are those days when getting a laptop from the market made you get up and check each and every retail store in your vicinity to get the best model. Today there are hundreds of online shopping sites literally that offer a wide

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The Best Ways to Get Innovative Ideas for Your Next Mobile App

by Paul Joseph March 4, 2015 Featured

There has been an enormous increase in the numbers of paid downloads and free app downloads over the years. Especially the free app download is going to experience unprecedented enormity in the years to come and is expected to reach the figure of 211.31 billion downloads by 2016. The size of the market will be

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Frankly Me launched : A platform to get your queries answered by your favorite celebrity

by Paul Joseph January 21, 2015 Featured

Founders of inoXapp bring a QnA platform to connect general public to public figures via video selfie s The recently established mobile application Frankly Me is a trailblazing video and Q&A platform. It facilitates connection between the masses, public figures and celebrities through questions and video selfies. Headquartered in the Delhi NCR region, this is a cutting-edge app that is all set to compete with industry giants like Twitter and . The startup at present is in Beta with a website and apps for Android and iOS. The application is open to users all over the world. At a very early stage of its launch it has empanelled influential personalities like Arvind Kejriwal, members of AAP and Congress, Kiran Bedi, Chef Vikas Khanna, Author Ravinder singh, Singer Shafqat Amanat Ali, Singer Gurdas Maan, Composer Meet Brothers, Fashion Designer Bina Ramani, Actor Ajaz Khan, Wrestler Sangram Singh, Actress Sara Khan, Payal Rohatgi, RJ Naved, RJ Sayema, Snapdeal Founder Kunal Bahl, Inmobi founder Naveen Tiwari, Matrix India MD- Avnish Bajaj etc. The key differentiator of the application is the feature of two way communication that it induces, eradicating the sense of obstruction in communication. Furthering the competence of the application, it is gaining popularity amongst celebrities as it enables instant connect. Besides this, the decreasing page reach of the social media also paves way for the app to reach its maximum height. Adding to these factors, it does not limit the number of characters used, which restricts meaningful conversation like other existing social networking platforms. The application is targeted at any one who is interested in learning something from the experiences of others. At present it intends to expand within India considering the linguistic diversity of the country. It foresees a lot of potential in the tier II and tier III cities bearing in mind the surge in the mobile usage and internet penetration. Over and above, these are the cities where the celebrities get their loyal fans from. Frankly Me aims to expand the horizon of conversations that people take part in, in their lifetimes. It aims to do this by giving people access to frontrunners, average Joes and even the backbenchers from different walks and forms of life. Android : com/store/apps/details?id=me. frankly IOS : app/ celebrities/id929968427&mt=8 Website :

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Lechal -the world’s first interactive haptic footwear; use it as a navigational tool or fitness tracker.

by Paul Joseph October 13, 2014 Featured

Lechal is the world’s first interactive haptic footwear; use it as a navigational tool or fitness tracker. Lechal means “Take Me Along” in Hindi and navigation is the soul of the footwear. The Lechal App syncs with Google Maps to allow you to navigate with ease wherever you are in the world. Get route guidance, explore new places, find out more about where you live – go anywhere and everywhere!     Source: NextinIOT

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Mobile ads growing at a record pace in India: Opera

by Paul Joseph September 14, 2014 Featured

Mobile advertising in India is growing at a record pace largely fuelled by uptake of smartphones. India is the single-most powerful driver of the Asia-Pacific market with mobile ad impression volume growing 260 per cent since July 2013, according to the State of Mobile Advertising report released by Opera Mediaworks. There is a country-wide shift from feature phones to smart devices, which is dominated almost entirely by the Android platform (41.7 per cent share compared with 0.4% for iOS). Opera Mediaworks operates brand-focused mobile advertising network, serving 24 of the 25 top global brands. It also delivers the mobile advertising server and monetisation tools to 18 of the top 25 media companies worldwide. Source

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Slots game industry goes mobile, sees exciting growth around the world

by Paul Joseph September 8, 2014 Featured

The online and mobile slots game   industry has seen tremendous growth in last few years. Despite a minor hiccup in 2009 when the global economy suffered, the Global Casinos and Online Gambling industry has fared well in the past five years. Strong growth will continue as more casinos open in China and other Asian countries. Established markets have reached maturity and have less room for revenue growth, new markets will open up and increase access to gaming activities. The Global Casinos and Online Gambling industry has a low level of market share concentration. In 2014, the top four players account for an estimated 14.0% of industry revenue. This is mainly due to the geographically diverse nature of the industry, as well as the increasingly diverse range of products that have come to market with the introduction of online gambling. Within certain locals – for example in Macau and Singapore – the industry is concentrated among just a few players, mainly due to the strict regulatory framework the industry is governed by. Industry concentration is increasing, particularly among mega-casino operators that have been successful in expanding into Macau where the industry is growing quickly. With the growth of smart phones ; more and more app developers are now making slot games on mobile, this industry is definitely booming and accessing and playing the games on mobile is definitely going to explode. The user experience has also become much better on mobiles and the playing time has also increased manifold. The industry sees lot of growth potential around the world. Another opportunity of growth for slots game is going Social. With FB,Twitter growing fast across the world, playing on social networks will see lot of engagement.

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[Infographic] iPhone 6 Most Wanted Features: Surprising Expectations

by Paul Joseph September 8, 2014 Featured

So what’s in store for future iPhones? We can get some clues from Apple patents registered with the U.S. Trademark and Office. Apple is developing an audio jack to double as a headphone jack, plus an audio transducer that doesn’t need a grille to emit sound. That means future iPhones can be totally enclosed or water-proofed. Another patent talks about combining motion analyzer, scenery analyzer, and lockout mechanism to detect if you’re driving and disable Messages Apps. With the increasing text-induced car accidents, expect this feature sooner than later. Yet another patent indicates that Apple is cooking an intelligent Home Page that brings up the app you need for specific scenarios like when you need to show an electronic ticket in an airport or an e-coupon at a counter. The patent uses location-based signals and tracks user data patterns like calendars, emails, notes, etc. to predict when to bring up the app. But let’s not talk about the future; rather, let’s see what iPhone users want today.  Via: Financeonline

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